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Think about a region so awe-inspiring that after having seen it in 1871, the members of the Hayden Expedition sat around a campfire near the Madison River and conceived of an entity both audacious and visionary: a "National Park." — C.J. Box, novelist, Wyoming

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McCullough Peaks

view of the McCullough Peaks badlands with the Absaroka-Beartooth Front in the background

Photo © Hilary Eisen

Wild horses and other wildlife populate this unique corner of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The pastel-colored badlands and expansive views make this area well worth the visit.

The McCullough Peaks are a treasure trove of prehistoric fossils dating from the Eocene Epoch, 30-60 million years ago. Fossil finds have included crocodile, dinosaur, and mammal bones, as well a innumerable invertebrates. If fossil hunting in the McCullough Peaks however, please obey Bureau of Land...
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Come and fish (without a license) on the pond for trout. Or float the pond with the boat or canoe that are provided. Or just enjoy the view!!

Photo © Owner, Cheryl Bass

Cozy log cabin on 3 mountain acres with trout pond

Selected as one of the "100 MOST BEAUTIFUL RUSTIC VACATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA", Canyon Creek Cottage Cabin Rentals is a 3-acre mountain setting below the majestic Beartooth Mountains, outside of Red Lodge, only a few hours drive away from the famous Yellowstone Park.   Property includes...
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"21st Century Buffalo," by John Nieto

Photo © Courtesy Altamira Fine Art

Jackson Hole Gallery Altamira Fine Art Presents John Nieto

By Tammy Christel - Jackson Hole Art Blog
Altamira Fine Art is Jackson's top gallery destination for Western Contemporary Art. Altamira is located at the north end of Center Street, in Jackson, Wyoming. 
"Twenty-First Century," a show of new works by the great American Expressionist John...
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