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Think about a region so awe-inspiring that after having seen it in 1871, the members of the Hayden Expedition sat around a campfire near the Madison River and conceived of an entity both audacious and visionary: a "National Park." — C.J. Box, novelist, Wyoming

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Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

Alaka Basin - Red Rock Lakes NWR

Photo © USFWS

Just 33 miles to West Yellowstone Red Rock Lakes National Wioldlife Refuge (NWR) is a great place for wildlife viewing and bird watching.

The Refuge was established in 1935 to protect the rare trumpeter swan. Today, this 45,000 acre Refuge continues to be one of the most important habitats in North America for the magnificent migratory birds. The Refuge lies in the eastern end of the Centennial Valley near the headwaters of the Missouri River. the Centennial Mountains border the...
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Photo © Travel Montana

Cooke City/Silver Gate/Colter Pass

For a penny, buy a candy at Cooke City General Store and watch your sale rung up on the original 1886 hand-cranked cash register. Cooke City and sisters Silver Gate and Colter Pass offer skiers guided access to backcountry runs.

Unspoiled and rich in natural beauty, this destination has...
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North Fork Anglers

Photo © Park County Travel Council

North Fork Anglers

North Fork Anglers specializes in professionally guided flyfishing trips throughout the Cody region.  They offer the finest equipment and expert knowledge to make your fly-fishing adventure the best ever. Fish for brook trout, brown trout, native cutthroat and rainbows in the North and...
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