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Think about a region so awe-inspiring that after having seen it in 1871, the members of the Hayden Expedition sat around a campfire near the Madison River and conceived of an entity both audacious and visionary: a "National Park." — C.J. Box, novelist, Wyoming

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Canyon Lodge Dining Room

Canyon Lodge Dining Room

The Canyon Lodge Dining Room provides a casual environment where delicious meals can be enjoyed at your leisure. Breakfast includes an extended buffet, while lunch offerings are à la carte. The burger options include bison, beef and vegetarian! For dinner, sink your teeth into one of several cuts of tender slow roasted prime...
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Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Center

Photo © Patty R. Davis

Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Center in Red Lodge, Montana

Our goal is to help educate visitors on traveling through the area and making the most of their experience!  We promote the Red Lodge area through being a centralized information...
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Green River Lakes / CDST Snowmobile Trail from Upper Green Trailhead in Cora, Wyoming

Photo © Dave Bell

Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail

 The Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail is an unique and extensive trail system provides more than hundreds of scenic trails through the Bridger Teton National Forest. Because of the high location on the Continental Divide, sometimes more than 13,000 feet, snow depths range from...
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