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Think about a region so awe-inspiring that after having seen it in 1871, the members of the Hayden Expedition sat around a campfire near the Madison River and conceived of an entity both audacious and visionary: a "National Park." — C.J. Box, novelist, Wyoming

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Meadowlark Ski Lodge

Cross Country Fun

Meadowlark Ski Lodge is located along Cloud Peak Scenic Byway (highway 16 West) 45 miles West above Buffalo. The Big Horn National Forest is home to several pristine snowmobile trails, cross country Ski trails, snowshoeing, sledding and iceskating. Local businesses and the ski resort host snowboard, ski, & snowmobile rentals. ...
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View of the front of the Courthouse

Madison County Courthouse

Virginia City is a living town of 150 year round residents who host the West's best preserved gold mining town from the 1860s. Visitors walk the same boardwalks that desperate Vigilantes once patrolled. Guests are transported to a time when rowdy miners mingled in saloons and restaurants with...
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Meeteetse Museum and Charles Belden Museum

Photo © Park County Travel Council

Meeteetse Museums

Meeteetse Museums is comprised of three museums: the Charles Belden Museum of Western Photography and the Meeteetse Museum located at 1947 State Street, and the Bank Museum located at 1033 Park Ave. They contain an extensive collection of artifacts from the Meeteetse area. Featured items include...
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